Jumbo Pass – Purcell Mountains – British Columbia

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Jumbo Pass – Purcell Mountains – British Columbia

Well maybe I hit the right day to do my last hike this year before heading south to Utah and New Mexico . Since I had not been up Jumbo Pass in over 6 years it seemed like a good Idea for a short notice and close by hike and so i hit the trail at day break and got an early start .

Since it is one of the more popular hikes around Invermere I expected some hikers but got to the pass without seeing anybody , though I would guess by the cars in the parking lot , that somebody was staying at the hut. The sun just came up as I got to the lake  or maybe lets call it a tarn and not a ripple on it  , just what the doctor ordered ! The alpine smell , the sun and the just the simple peace and quiet made this short hike even more worth it . I decided to take advantage of the clear sky’s which have been a rarity this summer ! So I headed up the the goat trail leading to Bastille Mountain and it was not to long before getting to the col , where  great views down to Jumbo Pass  captivated my eyes for a while before turning toward the ridge leading toward Glacier Creek . The ridge hike looked inviting , so off I went all the way to the last of the 3 knolls , always in expectation of seeing a billy goat sooner or later ! But in all the years of hiking it always  amazes me how they just seem to turn in to thin air or I am going blind LOL . So no goats this time but plenty of spectacular views in to Glacier Creek and It’s many glaciers and huge moraines , truly majestic .
Of course one needs to take in the views as long as possible and then it’s time as always , to have that alpine snooze and lone and behold no bugs or people , sweet .
Yes the timing was perfect and after snapping a few more shots , I could see the clouds return and what seemed like some smoke from the west kootenays . Unfortunately like always one has to peel him self of the top and off we go back to the unrealitys of the daily grind .
And as I am leisurely driving out Jumbo &  Toby Creek I could not help it but notice the upper avalanche slopes turning color already and so adieu to the summer that was not , but what a great day it was .

so long until the next adventure



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