Fantasy Canyon – Near Vernal – Utah – USA

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Fantasy Canyon – Near Vernal – Utah – USA

Road Trip – yes it finally came on September 18th. and towing the trailer we were off on our adventure and heading south through Idaho , Wyoming , Utah , Colorado and our final destination New Mexico .
To avoid Salt Lake City , we head east at Pocatello Idaho into Wyoming with nothing but wide open range land and hardly any traffic and well maintained roads .I do have to say  though , I don’t think I have ever seen so much road kill ever , yummy !
I really wanted to see Fantasy Canyon and so we stopped in Vernal UT. , where we got a few directions and food and off we went . It’s roughly forty miles from Vernal and mostly on paved roads except the last 9 miles of gravel road .
You are in oil country and so there is no shortage of pumps and pipelines on the way to Fantasy Canyon . As so often is true in the dessert one wonders where the road leads since there is little signs of a canyon anywhere .
But we did not have to wonder to long and a small sign pointed the way to our destination . Not a soul sight we had all the room to arrange our trailers just the way we wanted .

Fantasy Canyon is certainly different then any other canyon we have seen and it is a relatively small area but cramped full of very strange features and as the the name Fantasy indicates , you can let your imagination go wild , it was certainly a great experience !
We got to see it , at dusk  and after watching the amazing star filled sky , once more at dawn , with each giving you different shots . We all had to agree that this was the place to be for the amazing show of stars , meteorites but best of all a seeing the milky way in such away one seldom sees so it that intense ! And sipping on shot of cognac , you could say it was a perfect night . If you go through there , take the side trip to Fantasy Canyon we loved it .
PS. As you might see from the picture , the devil really does live in the USA LOL . But It s a good thing he is just mud ! Oh yeah , we were warned of the pygmy rattlers , which we never saw and for me that’s a good thing .


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