Gorman Lake Near Golden BC

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Gorman Lake Near Golden BC

First week of July Well , it’s was time lace  on the old hiking boots and this time from Golden were we parked our trailer along the kicking horse river and the breeze tho warm kept the pesky mosquito’s in check !

Tho a bit of a drive from Golden the road proofed in to to bad a shape except for maybe the last few clicks and though there was a big avalanche across the road it was literally right where you normally park anyway !
A nice and easy hike to the lake with really no snow to speak of until I got to the Lake , where the ice was just breaking up . So after a bit at the picnic table and by the canoe it was up the hill with jack and Jill LOL . You might want to stay out of the canoe unless you can swim fast ! As you trek higher the snow patches became bigger and  turned in to the old crotch sinker making for Jilled toes which actually felt good in the heath of the day. I went to the left up to the pass to see if I could spot my friends on the pass coming from Holt Lakes !
And though I kinda figured they may not make it , lone and behold it was not long before the appeared on the pass . They had started the day before by taking the kicker Gondola and slogged across a few ups and downs in the snow even having to camp on it since there was still plenty of it . So I watched them coming down the steep pitch from the pass hoping that neither would slip and have bum slide like a rocket to the the bottom . We caught up above the lake and they were happy I was there and to hike out and get a ride back to Golden . We ended the day with a glass of wine and pizza .

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