Chalice Creek – Bugaboos

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Chalice Creek – Bugaboos

Hike # 2 , second week of July 2017  – started at 5 am with the 85 some clicks from Invermere to the Trail head . The access road had been slashed out and so it was nice still to have some paint on the truck .
The road is in good condition !
Ah yeah an old trick I learned the hard way , turn your lights off and point the ride down hill , its a real bummer when you don’t and nobody else is on the same hike , don’t be like this dummy .
After leaving in Invermere in about 12 degrees I was a bit surprised ant the 4 Celsius at 7:30 am on the trail head which was fine this hot blooded mountain goat .
This one gets your pump going right of the bat and until you cross the river the first time . After that you follow an old skid trail which drags on a bit when you come out , I see some one had a bike with them and so had a nice ride out in stead . I don’t know if they had the bike dropped by a Helicopter since I seen the tracks on the hole trail . At 61 I would definitely spare me that pain to carry it up , but hey you young bucks , go for it !
There was some serious avalanche debris a bit further up , so you just want to kinda watch to re connected withe the trail again and it was rock hard from the compaction with a fair bit of trees in it . now that I have been here a few times I knew to look for the logs across the river a bit up from the slides , since the trail continues further up on the right side and takes you through a beautiful creek delta and great flowers in the tail end , depending on the snow load each year .
Once you are on the left side of the creek , its not long before you head up hill zig and zag  all the way until you break in to the nice sub alpine and larch stand ( its a beauty in the fall as well ) . As you start heading left and sort of following the path , you will first see a nice tarn and a nice plaque memorializing a valley old timer Hal Bavin  , he would be happy to know that his grandson Ryan , is now guiding people in that area surely telling his grandpa’s  tales . From there you basically just stay in the open and on the ridges , snow depending . You can literally go as far as the ridge will take you always getting super views of the Iconic Bugaboo Spires . My favorite is the top ridge and its very unique alpine carpet of sage greens and and some flowers with hardly any trees left thus bringing the spires in full views.
Go over the last hump and you will get a view of 4 nice alpine lakes with unique colors and if you a sucker for a bit extra punishment , like me you can hike down the very bottom lake and feast on  the color of that see through lake and the boulders in it . And while your having lunch and a possible dip , it may well come to your mind , ? asking and  wondering ?  what the city slickers would be doing right about now looking at their concrete jungle ?  LOL . After a must alpine snooze ( bug depended ) Gas up on mountain fresh water and a protein bar before you head out out and back down the trail . Happy trails . They will serve you a cold beer should you get to the CMH Lodge if you get there before 4 PM .





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