Perfect Timing

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Perfect Timing

Lead Queen Mine – Trail

Well , for just a few days the smoked cleared just when one thought all was lost this summer . I did a hike  in one of the side valleys of Frances Creek leading Up to The lead Queen Mine and then had the perfect night for star gazing from Camp .
Thank You Jerry for Letting Us Use The Cabin , Its always a complete experience no matter what .

I followed the hint of a friend about an old miners trail into a side valley one over from the Tiger pass area and was actually amazed on how these guys in the old days must of worked hard to build these trails , they certainly where cut from a different cloth no doubt.

After a relatively short hike you come in to the sub alpine and with that the flowers , as well and of it did not take  long before I saw some rotor tilling courtesy of Mr. Grizz but no signed of him . The alpine opens right up and you can go for just about any scramble in any direction . I followed the creek to the right and made it all the way to the top where I accessed a steep ridge knowing I could see down into the are with a few lakes and the Shangrila trail  head . What a splendid view in every direction , especial toward all the glaciers of North Star and Cat mount Thunder water lake area. I could also just see the edge of McLean Lake and to the left Buster lake , but just the edge of it  . Rather than returning the way I came I decided to scramble down the spry slope toward the small Lead Queen lake at the bottom .
I spend some time down there checking out the mine sites , old tracks , ore carts and so on . One of the carts was in the lake so I had to go for a dip and take a shot , refreshing .They build like 3 foot rock trails all over the place and one wished you could have been a fly on the trail to see and hear what was going on in those days .
To top it off i got to sip on some vino and watch a glorious display of the stars and milky way over head .

And guess what the smoke was back the very next day .

Whats next , well that depends on the smoke


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