East Farnham Glacier

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East Farnham Glacier

A Day Out In The In The High Country

Though this is about  a trip from last year I, I often think about it ,  since the most unlikely thing happened when I got home from that day  !
But first a bit of a lead up to the end  .
The Horse thief drainage will get you to the turn off ( I think 39 KM don’t quote me on it ) heading into the side valley that contains the East Farnham & Commander Glacier .  Once you go pass the Commander glacier trail head the road soon crosses the creek and starts going up hill with gusto . However earlier in the summer you could get stopped about 1 KM or so before the top by the usual  yearly avalanche slide .
Also the last time I was up there the boards crossing the upper part of the creek were gone but you can skip and hop across and the cabin is only a short ways .
Once there , your desire is your guide and you can go in every direction you want to explore .
A nice scramble is when you keep to the left after the cabin and head toward black diamond peak which you can see from the bottom .
If you are real keen you could hike around black diamond peak and possibly see Shamrock Lake In the Delphine glacier area . I have not brought my self to loose altitude from the ridge , to go over there – yep getting lazy at 61 is OK LOL .
There is also small tarn and wild flowers galore hidden away just up from the cabin and another lake you will pass on the right on the way there .

After all the hiking chill with a beer by the cabin , enjoy the views and wonder what all the people might be doing in the lowlands ?

Anyway the strangest  thing happened as I mentioned at the outset ! When i got home my neighbor called me and said he has seen a gray cat or something sniffing around my truck and since we don’t have a cat i was not to worried about it .
Shortly after that call though , I had to run to town and when I started my Fj I heard the strangest noise and saw some fir flying ?? Of course  i shut the engine off right away . But then I kept hearing this whistling noise in distress !
I new birds don’t have fir ,  ( yes I am the smartest tool in my shed ) .
So reluctantly I took a peak under the truck but could not see anything . I took me quiet a while before I saw a tail hanging out between the gas tank and the heat shield and the color gave it away right then ”  it was a marmot  ” !!!
You got to be kidding me , this guy hitched a ride under my Fj all the way from Farnham Glacier to my House ?? Yes and if you ever had the same thing happened to you , then you know that they have sharp teeth but even sharper claws! It took an hour before we had him out from under there and in a garbage can and ready for transport back o the alpine.
I can only imagine the the culture shock to go from alpine to the concrete jungle of the world . He did seam happy once we released him and took off in a hurry , so would I have .
cheers so there you have it , not a story you would hear to often .


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