Star Gazing At Fischer Towers – Utah – USA

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Star Gazing At Fischer Towers – Utah – USA

There Is always those days you will for ever cherish in your mind and you can visualize the moment . Well on our road trip 2017 to Utah we got a special treat at the Fischer Towers 23 miles north of Moab Utah. We had been there several times but this time decided to do a late afternoon hike and then stay for the sunset and some star gazing , since there was no moon and the haze from the fires in California had finally diminished. Its always a great hike as you follow the trail around the steep walls of the these red mud piles  / walls and just when you think they cant get any bigger , you get the the view of the Titan which towers 900 feet above , truly spectacular. From the top you get some awesome  views of the Colorado River delta with the towering castle rocks and the sage blue and green dessert look as well as the Colorado river snaking through it . A great place to have your lunch and look down at the splendor of the valley , that’s if the wind is not trying to sweep you up . We watched a few base jumpers getting stuck on top of the Titan due to winds picking up and they ended up getting picked off the top in a risky looking helicopter rescue . I was told that they need at least 800 feet to jump safely and the the Titan is 900 feet you do the math not a lot of room for error and I would rather stick to the ground . As we wound our way back toward the trail end the sun started to set making the towers even more red and made for some great contrast shots , as you may have seen on the web site. With only a few climbers left in the campground things got really quiet quickly and so it was time to set up the the recliner deck chairs ( a must for every star gazer ) ! You then but on your warmer clothing since it cools down in the fall quickly . Crack a bottle of nice wine open , slice some cheese and crackers sit back and basque in the silence of this out of the way beautiful spot and let the show begin . It was so clear that night with nothing but action from satellites to plains and the space station going by as well . Truly amazing and the milky way stuck out like a sore thumb but looked a lot better LOL . For those who are really into star gazing , it might be wise to have a bit of cognac ready to warm the inside , just don’t drive anywhere. And so end another great tale.

PS. There is some great dry camping in the upper and lower onion creek sites , right across from the Fischer Towers road  and with even open roof outhouses so you can continue your star gazing , we loved it.
Also visit the  near by castle valley winery for a local taste of wine . And if you are looking for another way back to Moab you can turn off  at the Castle valley road and go up and over the La sal mountains which can be an aspen color – Rama in early September and a beautiful drive after which you end up just on the south side of Moab and then its time to hit the Brew Pub just as you come in to town with good pub food and a ” brewski “of course .

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