” The Wave ” Kanab – Utah – USA

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” The Wave ” Kanab – Utah – USA

Have you ever experienced a day which started mediocre and then all of a sudden turns into one of the best day of your life ? For those who have heard of  ” The  Wave ”  or seen pictures or had the privilege to actually hike in there , no long story is needed .
But for those of us who could go there the first time , its a real story not soon to be forgotten .
For years we have  been going through Kanab and of course heard all the story’s of infamous wave , but also heard that it is a near impossibility to get one of the 20 permits given out per day . Apparently they can get up to a thousand permit requests online per day and only ten are hand it out that way for each day , the other ten are given out at the BLM Office via a bingo wheel lottery and often there is more than a 100 keener s standing in line for those 10 permits and by the way there always for the next day . So for years I brushed it off thinking I am not standing in line for 1 in a hundred chance , after all you unfortunately only have so much vacation time ! But thanks to our friends who like to enjoy the morning in a slower pace than this maniac who wants to get going at daybreak or earlier, I knew I had some extra time and so you guessed it I stood in line . First i have to give the BLM  staff credit for doing this gong show every morning and still keep smiling and you can still squeeze a few helpful tips out of them , great job and hats off  to all of them and their great humor. So after everybody is briefed on the do0s and donts , you get an application to fill out and you list how many in your party , truck license number etc. you then give the app. back to the master bingo wheel controller on which he  then writes a random number on it . You then watch everybody going through the motions and as the last guy hands his app. in , you can then feel the air thicken LOL . And now the first ball comes out and after assuring myself that I would not get in for sure , the number 22 is called and looking around nobody move a hand , that’s when I looked at my number and  by gully that’s me . Of course those standing around you give you a sort of thumbs up but when it is announced that there is 4 in my party , those thumbs where quickly exchanged with the ” seriously dude now there is only 6 left , not cool look . Its of course hard not to have a big smirk on your face but for your own safety LOL you keep the smirk to a minimum . Since the next guy also had four in his group this draw was over quick and everybody else was told to beat it in a funny way . I don’t know what being on cloud nine feels like but I was sure I was higher up than that . So being for once in your life a hero I am heading back to camp with all eyes on me I first looked all sad , just to whip out the permit and with a big yes showing the prize of the day . I don’t think they  really expected me to put them on the permit and where surprised that when I told them , we are leaving at 5 am sharp . Oh just a bit of a hint , if your the only photography nut job in the group , take 2 vehicles which I had to learn the hard way . Your permit , is from believe it or not Midnight to Midnight and knowing me I would have milked  it right to the end . So off we went in one truck and did get there before anybody else which struck me strange but hey that’s mister ants in his pants for ya . They actually give you a map with six pictures on it , 3 for the way in and 3 for the way out , which works great of course once you been in there its fairly self explanatory , even though you see foot prints going in every direction , so don’t be fooled . Its a nice hike in with interesting formations all the way to sand dune you climb before you see the wave. And trust me it is an almost overwhelming feeling and you got to hang on to your jaw for you can hardly believe what you are seeing . The sun was just coming up and I swear I did not know which way i should go , so after a few deep breaths I figured out which side to photograph in the am and the the other side in the afternoon . There was also a dark clouds looming in the distance and so I wanted to make the best of it. I was also glad that one of the BLM staff told me that not to be fooled and that there was a lot more to explore than just the wave , which incidentally is big standing in it but its not a large area of that particular wave shape and look . One piece of advise ( thus take 2 trucks ) spend as much time in there as you can for every corner and up and down you will find totally new looks and shapes. After about 2 hours I made it to a ridge right above the Wave where there was a small arch which I looked through just to see my wife jacket heading back out , so now I had a dilemma but of course I made the only right decision not to follow her LOL I knew she would be rock hounding on her way out and understood that some one had just thrown her husband in a cookie jar sort of speak and he was not going to come out until they where all gone . I did however reluctantly leave earlier then I wanted a few hours later . No matter if I had enough time or not , it was definitely the high lite of the trip . I will be looking at the photos in the cold Canadian winter , transporting my mind back to this marvel of creation which is as spectacular then anything I have ever seen .
A bit of a hint , some people will tell you that if you can not get a permit to the wave , that there is a consolation prize called the white pocket ! It’s about forty or so off road miles down the same house rock road , the wave is at . Trust me White pocket is in everyday as spectacular in it’s own way so don’t fret an head out there , go really early and come home after sun set !Its worth it to spend all day out there though the lite is the best early am and the last lite of the day . In between , enjoy let the blood flow , have some lunch maybe a snooze , its all good .

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