Life’s journey started in 1956, in Basel, Switzerland. It was there I was introduced to the mountains at an early age, by my late Dad. After many blisters and plenty of sniffling and not always loving every moment in the mountains, my dad thought there was little hope for me to turn me in to a mountain man.

How times and circumstance have changed! Now I can hardly wait for those few short summer months when you get that rare glimpse at the sea of color and alpine beauty the mountains have to offer.
As my journey in life continued, I ended up with the same love for the outdoors and hobby’s my Dad had. I’m glad that Paps could visit Canada one more time, after a long illness. We could share for one last time, our passion for the mountains and photograph their beauty.
After finishing my apprenticeship as a chef I enjoyed working in the beautiful mountains of Wengen Switzerland .Then came the big jump and immigration to Canada. But one year in Eastern Canada without mountains and plenty of humidity made me move west to Vancouver, where I worked for several seasons before moving to Jasper.
It was in Jasper that the mountains once again called! I started to get seriously interested in photography, partially due to Edi Klopfenstein who was a friend and professional photographer. After a few years in Jasper I met Sepp Renner who gave me a chance to be the chef at Mica Creek Heli Skiing Lodge.

After 4 years of some of the most incredible mountain and powder fun, I moved to Invermere where I got married to my wife Cathy and had our daughter Sarena.

Other stops included Panorama Ski Resort and the 1985 Men's World Cup Downhill.
Downhill course prep at the 1988 Calgary Olympics.

We spent 4 years in Hood River, Oregon USA, where we had Chiantis Ristorante. But I have to honestly say though the Restaurant was fun; windsurfing was my real passion. Not only was the sailing phenomenal, but the many friendships we made as well as the beauty the Columbia River Gorge & Hood River had to offer, made those 4 years especially memorable.

Since we moved back to Kootenays in Beautiful British Columbia, first to Nakusp and now we are back Invermere where we still live now. Here the outdoor photography is endless and the area has so much beauty to offer one could spend a lifetime out there and not capture it all...

In the era of Digital Photography I renewed my interest in capturing the many moments the Kootenays and it's people have to offer. And thus the idea of sharing some of the photos online as well as doing custom photography shoots be that as family portraits or special assignments for magazines & advertising.

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