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27 Nov

Fantasy Canyon – Near Vernal – Utah – USA

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Road Trip – yes it finally came on September 18th. and towing the trailer we were off on our adventure and heading south through Idaho , Wyoming , Utah , Colorado and our final destination being New Mexico .
To avoid Salt Lake City , we head east into Wyoming with nothing but wide open range land and hardly any traffic as well as well maintained roads .Though I do have to say  I don’t think I have ever seen so much road kill ever , yummy NOT ! I really wanted to see Fantasy Canyon and so we stopped in Vernal UT. got a few directions and food and off we went . I’s roughly forty miles mostly on paved roads and then roughly 9 miles of good gravel road . You are in oil country and so there is no shortage of pumps and pipelines on the way to Fantasy Canyon . As so often is true in the dessert one wonders where the road leads since there is little signs of a canyon anywhere . But we did not have to wonder to long and a small sign pointed the way to our destination . Not a soul sight we had all the room we wanted to arrange our trailers just the way we wanted .

Fantasy Canyon is certainly different then any other canyon we have seen and it is a relatively small area but cramped full of very strange features and as the the name Fantasy indicates , you can let your imagination go wild , it was certainly a great experience !
We got to see it , at dusk  and after watching the amazing star filled sky , once more at dawn , with each giving you different shots . We all had to agree that this was the place to be for the amazing show of stars , meteorites but best of all a seeing the milky way in such away one seldom sees so it that intense ! And sipping on shot of cognac , you could say it was a perfect night . If you go through there , take the side trip to Fantasy Canyon we loved it .
PS. As you might see from the picture , the devil really does live in the USA LOL . But It s a good thing he is just mud ! Oh yeah , we were warned of the pygmy rattlers , which we never saw and for me that’s a good thing .


09 Sep

Jumbo Pass – Purcell Mountains – British Columbia

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Well maybe I hit the right day to do my last hike this year before heading south to Utah and New Mexico . Since I had not been up Jumbo Pass in over 6 years it seemed like a good Idea for a short notice and close by hike and so i hit the trail at day break and got an early start .

Since it is one of the more popular hikes around Invermere I expected some hikers but got to the pass without seeing anybody , though I would guess by the cars in the parking lot , that somebody was staying at the hut. The sun just came up as I got to the lake  or maybe lets call it a tarn and not a ripple on it  , just what the doctor ordered ! The alpine smell , the sun and the just the simple peace and quiet made this short hike even more worth it . I decided to take advantage of the clear sky’s which have been a rarity this summer ! So I headed up the the goat trail leading to Bastille Mountain and it was not to long before getting to the col , where  great views down to Jumbo Pass  captivated my eyes for a while before turning toward the ridge leading toward Glacier Creek . The ridge hike looked inviting , so off I went all the way to the last of the 3 knolls , always in expectation of seeing a billy goat sooner or later ! But in all the years of hiking it always  amazes me how they just seem to turn in to thin air or I am going blind LOL . So no goats this time but plenty of spectacular views in to Glacier Creek and It’s many glaciers and huge moraines , truly majestic .
Of course one needs to take in the views as long as possible and then it’s time as always , to have that alpine snooze and lone and behold no bugs or people , sweet .
Yes the timing was perfect and after snapping a few more shots , I could see the clouds return and what seemed like some smoke from the west kootenays . Unfortunately like always one has to peel him self of the top and off we go back to the unrealitys of the daily grind .
And as I am leisurely driving out Jumbo &  Toby Creek I could not help it but notice the upper avalanche slopes turning color already and so adieu to the summer that was not , but what a great day it was .

so long until the next adventure



16 Aug

Hamilton Lake & Emerald Lake – Yoho National Park – British Columbia – Canada

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Howdy , yes finally a new post , crazy summer and the strange weather did not help to get out . I was looking for a new hike and with a good forecast insight , I ended up in Yoho National Park . I first tried Lake O’ Hara but they are so over booked , they wont even take standbys any more ! It is obvious that our National Parks are getting over used and Banff , Lake Louise make your head spin when you see the buses , campers and a flood of people . Anyway I settled for another hike starting from the parking lot at Emerald lake up to Hamilton Lake . Go early or you might have to hike an extra KM just to get to the parking lot LOL. The 5.4 KM trail winds up the mountain side in the trees and its nice and shady that is especially nice on the way down after being in the sun up top . It’s one of those straight up and straight down and good for the the 60 year old knees . Their is a few scrambles you can do while up there to either the end of the lake and up to the col on the right . Or the best one is when you get to the lake go up the right and start climbing the ridge on the left and eventually you will see the ever so beautiful Emerald Lake , well worth it. So hike on and enjoy